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Manhattan Limo and Chauffeur Service

Located in East Elmhurst, serving Manhattan and surrounding areas


Driving can be tedious and, especially in a new city, stressful. Learning new routes, finding new shortcuts, and experiencing the general atmosphere of the road in an unfamiliar city can be overwhelming for many people. To simplify traveling, and completely remove the stress of driving through new territory, Manhattan residents and visitors call Global Luxury Limo Corp. Our expert drivers have thorough knowledge of local roads and each one carries a work-provided cell phone so that they can be reached by clients, and our office at all times while they are on the clock.

Why Get Daily Driver Service?

  • Business and Recreational Tourism; when visiting a new town for business or entertainment, planning a route and ensuring that you arrive on time can be difficult, but not when you have a driver who knows the city like the back of his hand.
  • Regular Ride to Work; do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Having a professional driver take care of your everyday driving needs can add some much needed time to finish work, or make an important phone call.

*Our services fit your schedule, whether you need us one day a week, or every day of the year

Our Vehicles

At Global Luxury Limo Corp, our daily driving services use only top quality vehicles. That is why we only drive Cadillac Escalades and Mercedes S550 models.

The Most Professional Drivers in Manhattan

When you live in Manhattan, getting around isn’t always easy, and that’s why Global Luxury Limo Corp is here. Our expert, all-inclusive driving service provides businesspeople and residents with a method of traversing the city without ever having to touch foot to pedal.

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